The Resume Machine

The numbers are expressive: 22.5 million refugees around the world. In Brazil, there are over 10,000 refugees. Requests for refugee status have increased by 2,868%, from 966 in 2010 to 28,670 in 2016.

In April 2017, Human Rights Watch Brazil offered a space at the exhibit "Farida, A Syrian Tale" created by photographer Maurício Lima and exhibited at the São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound.

This was an amazing opportunity that was put to great use and generated an impact through an interactive self-service kiosk called "The Resume Machine – Do you believe in fate" The action was responsible for distributing thousands of CVs in addition to spreading the message against prejudice. This action using the kiosk is scheduled to be carried out at other locations.

Creative Direction: Luciana Capobianco, Rafa Ferro . Art Direction: Rafa Ferro
Director / Editor: Rafa Yamamoto, Social Media: Wagner Tamanaha, Producer: Cathy Henry

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